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Amazon Women

While I’ve been known to prefer the dark side in my viewing habits, and don’t do heartwarming well, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy something upbeat. Just as long as there aren’t too many trips to the cornfield. These three selections, now on Amazon Prime Video, were a perfect trifecta of optimism, woman power, laughter, […]

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A Trilogy of Tantalizing Diversions

A Trilogy of Tantalizing Diversions By: Theresa Krakauskas It’s perfectly understandable that people want to cut the cord, get away from exorbitant fees, and stop paying for channels they’ll never watch. This demand gave birth to the growing number of original programs on outside-the-cable-box streaming platforms, and while there’s plenty to feed your intellect, from

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Eat This Movie By: Theresa Krakauskas I’m a big fan of creating my own holiday traditions, one of them watching a specific movie on each holiday. On Christmas, it’s Robin and the Seven Hoods; on New Year’s Eve, it’s Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; on Halloween, it’s The Midnight Hour; and on Thanksgiving, it’s Henry

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Utopia Earns Its Place in a Crowded World By: Theresa Krakauskas At the beginning of every episode of Utopia, there is a disclaimer that this is a work of fiction. It is not based on fact. At least we hope it’s not. Utopia is the story of a viral pandemic and conspiracy theories. It’s understandable

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