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MUPO Publishing is dedicated to helping both first-time and experienced authors bring their ideas to life. Let us help you get published and distributed! Have you ever dreamt of writing …

· A movie script that hits the big screen.

· A song that hits the top ten chart.

· A book that becomes a New York Times best seller.

Or a column in a Magazine

If you answered yes to any of the above, let us help you achieve your dream.

Live your Dream – Write your Story – Let us Distribute & Publish it.

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Michele Mupo aka Fuchsia, 

Michele decided to come out of retirement because she kept hearing that people were getting taken advantage of in the industry. So stay tuned for an unbelievable journey as you see Mupo  Entertainment Evolve !!

Quote from Recording Artist David Angel:

“Michele Mupo aka Fuchsia is a female version of Clive Davis. Anyone she works with becomes extremely successful”.

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