#YYC Business Speed Dating
Ft. Magic Mike

S1 E1

Business Speed Dating w/ Magic Mike – Episode 1:  A chat in the Calgary Petroleum Club Studio with Randy McCord,Owner of NationalBest.ca – What We Do -> We get the right insurance or investment product available to you at the best possible rate

S1 E2

Business Speed Dating w/ Magic Mike – Episode 2  A Chat with Lisa Marin of the Calgary Marketing Association. What We Do -> we’re a nonprofit industry association that supports Calgary’s thriving marketing community. We bridge the awareness gap between agencies and large corporations—providing industry professionals with access to exclusive events, mentorship opportunities, shared tools, and networks.

Business Speed Dating w/ Magic Mike – Episode 3 A chat with Demetrio Guzzardi of DoctorIAQ.com.  What we do ->  We are passionate about ensuring we live the healthiest lives by assessing and providing solutions to promote optimal air quality in our homes and work spaces. Doctor IAQ Inc. specializes in indoor air quality which includes mould (intrusive and ambient air monitoring), asbestos (bulk surveys), CO, CO2, relative humidity, temperature, formaldehyde, and particulate

S1 E4

Business Speed Dating w/ Magic Mike – Episode 4 A chat with Karl Meema of Ardr1.com. What we do -> Brain Balancing Through ARDR.  What is ARDR? Audio Reflex Desensitization & reprocessing through ARDR Music.  Each ARDR frequency had certain properties that have been verified over hundreds of years. We use specific frequencies that have certain properties. Each part of the body has unique frequencies associated with it. By playing certain frequencies, different parts of they body will be simulated. Sometimes you will notice a Tingle.

S1 E5

Business Speed Dating w/ Magic Mike – Episode 5 A chat with Carolyn Brown of ChinookGardener.com. What we do ->DITWOH – Do it With Our Help! The talented team at the Chinook Gardener is ready to help you get growing and maintain pride of ownership and a beautiful yard all season long.Breathe easy after a garden maintenance visit. Weeds have disappeared. Your thick, lush lawn is freshly mowed. Plants are robust and healthy. 

Business Speed Dating w/ Magic Mike – Episode 6 A chat with Nikolas Zeutoni of ngeducare.ca  What we do ->We create custom-made STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) services and programs for K-12 education! What makes Next Gen unique is that we teach and foster technology in a sustainable way. There is no better way to be prepared for the future.

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