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Drama Thriller


PRODUCED BY: Philly Chick Pictures & Brooke Lewis Bellas


SYNOPSIS: In the darkest corners of the darknet, there are terrifying places where the abducted are held captive, psychologically tortured and live-streamed. Victims are given the chance to escape if they agree to confess their worst sins to the world, preserving them online for eternity. Paid subscribers watch, listen and vote on who has committed the evilest crimes against humanity. The winner lives. The losers die. These are the infamous “Red Rooms” and this terrifying new web series invites you to take part in this diabolical dark web reality show, where nothing is what it streams to be.

In this limited web series event of Red Rooms: Hollywood producer Leilah Black, Armenian hit man Alex Terzian, Republican Senator Sheila Larkin, former priest Stephen Bishop, and international mogul Ethan Campbell find themselves held captive and streamed live on a popular dark web reality show where viewers vote on who lives and who dies. While enduring psychological torture, the imprisoned contestants reveal they share a diabolical connection in their past.

STARRINGRed Rooms stars horror film and TV veterans Brooke Lewis Bellas (iMurders), David Alpay (The Vampire Diaries), Susan Lanier (The Hills Have Eyes), Ricky Dean Logan (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare), and Noah Blake (Teen Witch).


S1 E1 Live or Die

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 1- LIVE OR DIE A darknet, live-streamed reality show begins, introducing five victims- all abducted from the state of California- who are given the chance to escape if they agree to confess their worst sins to the world. Paid subscribers watch, listen and vote on who have committed the evilest crimes against humanity. The winner will live. The losers will die. These are the infamous “red rooms”, where nothing is what it streams to be.

S1 E2 Tell The Audience

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 2- TELL THE AUDIENCE As the darknet, live-streamed reality show continues, the contestants realize that their off-camera Grand Master narrator and interrogator knows a lot about their lives even before anyone has confessed. The questions become more specific to the terrible offenses these abductees have committed. A female Hollywood producer rapist, Leilah Black (Brooke Lewis Bellas), an Armenian hit man, Alex Terzian (David Alpay), a sleazy senator, Senator Sheila Larkin (Susan Lanier), a predatory priest, Father Stephen Bishop (Ricky Dean Logan), and a British billionaire murderer, Ethan Campbell (Noah Blake), are outed and prodded into a state of psychological torture.

S1 E3 Be Honest

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 3- BE HONEST The British billionaire murderer talks about how he met his future victim. The female Hollywood producer rapist discusses how she used her power to help get a beautiful-but-terrible actor his career. The sleazy senator denies that she poisoned the water in her district. The predatory priest tries to justify his actions by blaming the church for perverting him. The Armenian hit man describes what it is like to crucify a victim.

S1 E4 Or You Will Die

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 4- OR YOU WILL DIE Verbally and emotionally beaten into submission, the contestants are expounding on the details of their crimes. The audience begins to realize that there is one victim that might have connections to all five of the abductees. Despite differing opinions on how that innocent victim was potentially abused and permanently damaged, the abductees all seem to be playing the game and fighting for their lives.

S1 E5 Who Is Most Evil?

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 5- WHO IS MOST EVIL? It’s wrap-up time as the darknet, live-streamed reality show is soon to end. Viewers are already starting to vote. The one who is the most evil will live. The other four will die. Meanwhile, the contestants are all psychologically pushed and prodded into all-out confessions. It seems that all of them do have a common victim, although it’s unclear if they have any ounce of remorse among them.


RED ROOMS: EPISODE 6- VOTE NOW Both combative and strangely remorseful, the contestants react, emote, justify, until they are truly threatened. The off-camera Grand Master narrator and interrogator decides to enter the “red rooms” to physically confront each of the five. Each is shocked by the vision of their Grand Master. With voting completed and tallied, four lives end and one is spared.

S1 E7 A Word From Our Sponsors

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 7- A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS The Grand Master decides to take the audience on a tour of the dark web, as most stay away from this portal into the degradation of the soul. There is also a tour of the actual “red rooms” that exist throughout the world, which use torture as entertainment. Once the sponsor has been identified, the darknet, live-streamed reality show returns to reveal the winner- as in, reveal the one person who was allowed to live- voted most evil by the audience.

S1 E8 The Grand Master

RED ROOMS: EPISODE 8- THE GRAND MASTER The winner of “Live or Die” is relocated out of the country for their safety. Once they are set up in Auckland, New Zealand, they are contacted by the Grand Master for a final message. The connection to the victim that all contestants had is just one small part of the story. The winner is unprepared for the diabolical truth of what the dark web has just witnessed.

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