S1 E1

IAM Power Hour: Episode 1—Dancing with Yaks Featuring Ali and Kevin  Fun loving and feisty, yaks can survive environments up to negative -40 degrees. Himalayan yaks are now living their best life in Middle TN.

S1 E2

IAM Power Hour:  Episode 2– Z’s Pots of Peace Featuring Zakiya Waking up paralyzed from the waist down, Zakiya embarked on a valiant struggle to regain her health, her balance, her family, and her mission. 


IAM Power Hour: Episode 3– Cynthia Caughie- Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, Author  Referred to as the Chief Encouragement Officer and the author of “You Can Do Hard Things,” Cynthia helps us to become more proactive with our growth and less reactive with our lives.

S1 E4

IAM Power Hour: Episode 4—Lynda LaCoax- Life Support Holistic Health  Holistic health coach, personal trainer, and founder of ‘The Bend Class,’ Lynda looks at health thru a holistic lens. Connection and nutrition are the keys to wellness and living life with passion on this journey!

S1 E5

IAM Power Hour: Episode 5—Youth Villages with Brittany Farrar A leader in the field of children’s mental and behavioral health. Providing foster care and adoption, Youth Villages is one of the nation’s most promising results-oriented nonprofits.

IAM Power Hour: Episode 6– Dr. Jamie Wyskiver—Love Life Chiropractic   With a deep understanding of energy, dis-ease states, and how the body can heal itself, Dr. Jamie’s unique chiropractic principles lead many on a path to wellness, discovery, and connection.  

S1 E7

IAM Power Hour: Episode 7—Sophia’s Journey with Maggie Hope—Pig Luv Co  From adopting one tiny mini pig to a mission of establishing a rescue for those who had been abandoned, abused, and neglected. Join this heartfelt story about Ms. Sophia, a near death, 400lb mini pig and her story of resilience.

S1 E8

IAM Power Hour:  Episode 8—Emotional Energy–Dr. C. Michael and Karla Scroggins  Metaphysical enthusiast, engineer, coach, and 6th degree tai chi black belt, Dr. Michael interprets emotional energy by recognizing the ‘pearl of wisdom’ within all of us. The author of “The God Algorithm.”

IAM Power Hour: Episode 9–SPINE and Tree of Life Vitality Institute—Dr. Jamie and Lynda Supporting the backbone of the music industry and keeping the tours connected. These rockin’ entrepreneurs discuss their concierge service to the music industry.

S1 E10

IAM Power Hour:  Episode 10—Tour the iconic Cumberland County Playhouse—Jim Crabtree and Bryce McDonald  Still educating and making dreams come true since 1963! Tour the Playhouse complex as seen through the eyes of Jim and Bryce as they continue to carry on the legacy of touching hearts, opening minds, and changing lives.

S1 E11

IAM Power Hour: Episode 11–Mandy Barnett—Country Music Singer & Stage Actress  One of the newest inductees to the Grand Ole Opry, Mandy Barnett’s career ignited when she was chosen for the role of Patsy Cline in the iconic musical, Always… Patsy.

IAM Power Hour:  Episode 12–Lori Hudspeth—Pt. 1: Firewalker, Breakthrough Coaching International.  Leading up to the IAM Power Hour season finale,’ Lori helps us to awaken to new possibilities and prepare to uncover, discover, and recover who we are. 


S1 E13

IAM Power Hour: Episode 13–Lori Hudspeth—Pt. 2 Season Finale’ Firewalker:  Breakthrough Coaching International Lori helps us break through limiting beliefs and regain a sense of connection, purpose, and awareness of our authentic self.  We spend this amazing day with other participants moving through a journey of transformation.  We will also answer Terry’s burning question: can I do this?

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