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S5 E1

Holistic Financial Fitness – Mr. Waqas Suhail, VRDa1 CEO, hear how “International Real Estate Fractional Ownership” provides a lucrative opportunity to the masses for a low cost and low risk phenomena in the times of economic recession.

S5 E2

Holistic Financial Fitness – Dr. Tahir Hussain, “The Unstoppable Millionaire” shares insight as he delves into the astonishing world of International Real Estate Fractional Ownership.  A new way to creating wealth.  



Holistic Financial Fitness:  Lord Lothar Rapior three years’ experience with VRDa1 International Real Estate Fractional Ownership company shares his unique and amazing personal experience with a company that is and will be making a massive impact in the future around real estate and block chain technology for people who are looking for alternative ways to making their monies work BEST for them. 

S5 E4

Holistic Financial Fitness  Ahmed Kaley left his successful Pharmaceutical career because he didn’t resonate with the direction that industry was going.  He entered the world of Direct Sales and fell in love with the industry.  He became very successful achieving his goals allowing him to retire.  Hear his story about him returning because of the humanitarian global impact he passionately fell in love with.

S5 E5

Holistic Financial Fitness – Johnny Krypto, top Crypto Researcher, Co host Good Morning Crypto, Founder of Merlin talks about blockchain, cryptocurrency, 3T Warrior Academy an Exit Strategy intro and more. Those who are interested in getting started to learn about this digital world that is here to say and revolutionizing industries, this is a must listen. Johnny provides incredible value about this industry.


Holistic Financial Fitness: Dr. Edwin Rajan leaves the corporate world in 2021 to purchase his dreams to becoming a leader for change as the CEO of Infinite Global Hub.  He’s lived by “Nothing is impossible when you dream big”, shares why working with coaches is so important to your personal and professional development.  He talks about “The choice you make today will usually affect tomorrow”, and so much more…

S5 E7

𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐅𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 – Nathaniel X Ross Author – Life Coach – Entrepreneur – Corporate Executive – Motivational Speaker – Podcast Host – DISC Behavioral Analyst – Reiki Practitioner share why a Life Coach is important today along with 7 Financial Habits That Will Keep You Poor. 

S5 E8

Holistic Financial Fitness Series – Brian J Esposito Serial Entrepreneur – Founder & President of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC – where he believes Time is our most precious Commodity; Ranked #2 for 2020 World CEO Of The Year award, shares about the future of our Global Digital World, a must listen too.

Holistic Financial Fitness: Matthew Lamoureux Author – discovered his true calling as a spiritual advisor & life coach through a lifetime of struggles and suffering. Today he’s an award-winning author, spiritual guide, and influential online personality.


S1 E1

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 1 – Jeffrey E. Berger Certified Holistic Wellness Coach Why Holistic Wellness?  Jeff shares why this specific series is important, his passion to a mission with the vision for more to be aware of holistic options.  Hear how he came off five medications, reversed his T2D and reduced decades of stress, anxiety, and depression holistically.

S1 E2

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 2 – Caitlin Comstock, the microbiome is the KEY Element for Fitness Coaches. Hear about the missing link for many fitness coach businesses and a new science that is impacting so many today with unprecedented results.


Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 3 – Steven Fillmore, 2x Cancer Survivor A flight attendant becomes a Holistic Wellness Coach because of his own health journey helping others. A two-time cancer survivor shares HOPE for the world.

S1 E4

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 4 – Shane Millburn helps lead the way in Men’s Mental Wellness.  It’s about changing the stigma of what’s out there today.  Overcoming his own challenge physically and mentally Shane shares his story of triumph and wants to help so many others out there who are struggling.

S1 E5

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 5 – Deborah Neary’s story from concealed depression to thriving again. Deborah shares her journey with her own mental health struggles as a wife and mother.  Hear how passionate she is about what she does and has the determination to help change the world when it comes to mental health.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 6 – Wendy Minten, a psychologist incorporates holistic mental wellness daily.  Wendy is helping others reclaim their energy and find themselves again because there is so much more for people to understand and learn by helping clients with a new realization about taking control of their own health.

S1 E7

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 7 – Mike Gostola stressed & anxiety filled cabinet maker goes holistic. Leaving wood for plants and a digital media master for wellness. It’s time to get rid of the buttercup mentality and take ownership to understanding what’s out there.  Mike is helping others with his incredible wisdom for those wanting to escape a traditional business to creating something unique and sustainable.


S1 E8

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 8 – Patti Sinclair, professional spiritual medium and intuitive coach shares her 3-part protocol. Hear how this simple protocol turned her life around in 45 days.  Patti is a gut health fanatic and a true mental wellness advocate with a heart for helping others.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 9 – Chris and Susan Beesley, creating a retirement lifestyle to live their lives having the best life after 50. They’ve done it for themselves and are now showing others how to live theirs too by “retiring the new way”.  Hearing about how never to pay into a pension this was the best decision they ever made.

S1 E10

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 10 – Billy Reed is making changes for special needs caregivers. As a special needs caregivers Billy helps others avoid burnout and increase mental fitness sharing his knowledge about holistic natural solutions.  Mental Health is critical not only to everyone but especially for our kids who are the future.


S1 E11

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 11 – Kimberly Mahurim helps autism families maximize progress for safest happiest life. Ready to go from tantrums, self-injury, non-verbal and isolation to connected, peaceful, and confident in special needs parenting?  Kimberly is going to show you exactly how to get unstuck from first-hand experience as a mom with an autistic son.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 12 – Cindy Franks Weschler, pediatric nurse practitioner leaves corporate for own holistic practice. Cindy helps women walk in their power to starting their next chapters.  With years of experience as a health care specialist Cindy understands Gut Health is a root cause and is passionate about educating others.

S1 E13

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 13 – Dr. Cara Conners shares why more doctors are incorporating Holistic Wellness.  As a board-certified obesity and family medicine physician, Dr. Cara decided it’s time for change along with other doctors who are choosing the Holistic Mental Wellness Company.  Dr. Cara provides so much value from a medical perspective a must listen to episode.


S2 E1

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 1 – Hiep Tran a man with the Vision who is Leading the Global Holistic Mental Wellness Revolution.  As the Founder and Chairman of the Holistic Mental Wellness Company creating a holistic mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people. 

S2 E2

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 2 – Debbie Hinnant retired RN comes out of retirement building a holistic health and wellness business. Debbie is no longer willing to roll the dice when it comes to overall wellness.  She shares why it’s very important about not only what goes in your body but also what goes on your body.


Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 3 – Pat Hintze, Mental Health is the next Trillion Dollar Industry.  As the founding Brand Partner of the Holistic Mental Wellness Company shares there is a massive focus on programs and products that are non-pharmaceutical, that are SAFE and WORK.

S2 E4

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 4 – Jason Weaver, a VET who restores his life from living with Anxiety and Depression. Jason is all about empowering Veterans and fathers to get past their mental health blocks in life.  He’s gone from pharmaceuticals to holistic healing. The Gut-Brian-Axis is real!!!

S2 E5

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 5 – Kent Wood, Chief Financial Officer share triple growth with the Holistic Mental Wellness Company. Kent has spent 30 years of his career auditing, consulting for and leading some of the largest and most successful network-marketing companies. Hear what this financial wiz has to say about this ever-growing company.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 6 – Oliver Dibblee, sharing a five-year vision with cutting edge science today. As VP of Global Sales Oliver shares how the Holistic Mental Wellness Company has gone Global and why it’s having unprecedented results for its loyal customers and Brand Partners.


S2 E7

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 7 – Dr. Wanda Jeantry, shifted to Holistic Wellness because the original path wasn’t going to work. Dr. Wanda shares why so many are leaving the standard health care industry to become the new solopreneur of holistic medicine. Hear why there are more nutraceutical companies being formed these days as the industry changes.

S2 E8

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 8 – Dr. Shawn Talbott, Chief Science Officer of the Holistic Mental Wellness Company. Dr. Shawn shares his passion as a PhD in nutrition; how GUT Health is significantly related to our Mental Wellness, how being on the cutting edge of science is positioning the company and its brand partners to be leading the Global Holistic Mental Wellness REVOLUTION.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 9 – Kathy Lanka, Nurse Practitioner leaves corporate to pursue holistic practitioners’ business. Kathy shares some of the obstacles in corporate medicine holding her back from what she is passionate about. For Kathy it’s ALL ABOUT helping people get healthier.


S2 E10

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 10 – Mary Lou Tierney, how Alzheimer’s is preventable and reversible. This owner of Simply Better Brain is passionate to become a leading advocate to educating the world about this horrific disease. Mary Lou shares her own story of severe hearing loss and autoimmune diagnosis journey as a Mission 22 Post Traumatic Growth Facilitator. 

S2 E11

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 11 – Steven Fillmore, two-time testicular cancer survivor. As a Holistic Health coach Steven shares his personal survival.  Steven recently has been a caretake for his husband’s prostate cancer journey in 2022.  Steven is passionate about bringing holistic awareness around this serious topic.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 12 – Dr. Rachel Gregg, “The Rebel Pharmacist.” Dr. Rachel left her pharmacy career to become a Gut Health Coach sharing with us the pros and cons of pharmaceuticals vs plant-based protocols. Dr. A must listen to this episode because she brings some amazing VALUE to us all.

S2 E13

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 13 – Dr. Patricia Boulogne, Lifestyle Medicine Coach. As a Functional Medical Doctor hear how our GUT talks to our brain.  Dr. Patricia provides insight to her amazing “Five Pillars of Health” and her “Wellness Mindset Initiative”.


S3 E1

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 1 – Alison Canavan Transform Your Mind Transform Your World. One of top 8 Transformation Coaches in the US by USA Today.  Hear about how we know there’s something wrong in this world and what we can do to MAKE CHANGE.

S3 E2

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 2 – Dr. Christine Sauer, Difference between German & Western Medicine Systems. Dr. Sauer has continued her medical studies throughout the years and is the creator of 5D Wellness Wizard who prides her podcast Sparkles for Mental Health and more…


Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 3 – Terry J. Walker, creator of Inspire and MotivateI AM LLC. Terry shares the brilliance of her Master Class for parents “Bridging the Gap”.  As a huge mental health advocate Terry has changed lives across the world and shares so much value from her heart with amazing energy.  A must watch.

S3 E4

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 4 – Dr. Loren Harris from childhood turmoil to a leading icon.  Dr. Harris has an incredible story in the Leadership Development industry.  Hear from this Professional Keynote Speaker, Television Show Host/Producer Recording Artist, Trajectory TV Network and so much more.

S3 E5

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 5 – Michele Mupo, Entertainer, Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire.  Hear the story of this childhood actress, singer, song writer awards winner, today leading MUPOTV with an incredible vision for those interested in the entertainment business sharing their stories, wisdom, knowledge and so much more…

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 6 – Joanna Bricker Kleier our next Carol Burnett, hosts her own show JoJo’s MoJo Show, speaker, Life Coach, hear her share her vision and more…

S3 E7

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 7 – Marissa Bloedoorn Editor-in-Chief OWN IT! Magazine, owner of TCS Consulting.  This amazing woman is doing incredible things in this world.  Coach, speaker, Best Selling Author, Editor-in-Chief OWN IT! Magazine, leader and so much more… 

S3 E8

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 8 – Dr. Kevin Rouse, talks about changes in the medical industry. A pediatric physician shares why he decided to incorporate holistic options into his practice for our budding leaders of this world and more…

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 9 – Leisa Higbee from barely surviving to thriving again, sharing her debilitating health journey, desperately looking for HOPE and found it through holistic healings has had an incredible turn around, a must listen to and more…

S3 E10

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 10 – Tiffany Para, Editor-in-Chief Phoenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine, a multi-faceted solopreneur, International Best-Selling Author, own TV Series, shares her passion and more…

S3 E11

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 11 – Allison Grace my youngest interviewee struggling with anxiety, suicide thoughts, learning disabilities, autistic brother, bi-polar dad; shares her heart felt story to bring awareness to other teens and more…

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 12 – Dawn Sullivan moves from corporate to solopreneur.  Creator and Mentor trains newly inspired entrepreneurs in everything from creating their brand to producing their fortune with the Holistic Mental Wellness Company.

S3 E13

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode 13 – Christopher Rausch creating UNSTOPPABLE KICKASS confidence.  He’s raw, real and cuts to getting at the root cause of his no excuses coaching program – it’s an unfiltered experience.  A must listen to.


S4 E1

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-01 – Dr. Howard Sadinsky –Dr. Howard Sadinsky a pediatric physician is incorporating holistic wellness into his practice because children of today are the future.  Why is this western medicine doctor incorporating holistic options for his patients?  A must watch. 

S4 E2

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-02 – Lisa Wages An early childhood Special Ed Teacher new early on the system was broken and was in search of alternative solutions for her children.  This Autism coach shares some of her story inspiring others who are looking.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-03 – Tahir Hussain My friend and colleague “The Unstoppable Millionaire” shares amazing nuggets during this interview because it’s all about “It’s the moments of our Decision, our Destiny is shaped.”


S4 E4

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-04 – Dr. Josh Rimany Is the Un-Pharmacist!  He’s all about “I like to de-prescribe drugs…” Dr. Josh provides HOPE for those who are struggling with the current systems that are so broken.

S4 E5

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-05 – Dr. Tricia Kapavik Is “The Mind-Body Detox Doc”. Another holistic practitioner who is helping people understand the significance of educating ourselves about good health, but her specialty is “Getting To The Root Cause” which so many don’t do today.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-06 – Dr. Anthony Van Tonder Doc Ant, CEO of the Conversion Academy brings light to a new form of investing and getting returns that are backed by a Risk Mitigation Program to secure shareholders investments.  Learn a little about NFT’s and how this is integral to the future of digital currency.


S4 E7

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-07 – Dr. Michelle Van Tonder Dr. Michelle claim to fame is straight D’s in High School to PhD in Leadership Management teaching others to tap into their full potential, passion, power and purpose. 

S4 E8

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-08 – Lynn Billett American Registered Nurse Practitioner leaves the corporate world of Western Medicine and branches out on her own teaching women how to become the best they can be sharing her knowledge through functional medicine and anti-aging medicine.

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-09 – Angela Cenzalli A non-stop Jill of all trades, Angela brings holistic mental wellness to a high stressed industry she is passionate about and provides much value through her consultation business in the northeast USA.

S4 E10

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-10 –Mike Healy Crypto meets Commodities!  We’re entering an error where there is massive change happening. Food, medicine, politics, FINANCES and more.  Mike shared about how our daily commodities such as oil, natural gas, organic grow, gold, silver is having much success in the digital currency world. A must listen to interview.

S4 E11

Holistic Mental Fitness: Episode S4-11 – Heidi Wilde A former Corporate workaholic is now a certified holistic mental wellness coach.  Heidi shared about the importance of gut health, awareness and self-love and “𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 ‘𝐖𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐋𝐘’ 𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐥.”

𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐅𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬: 𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝐒4-12 – 𝐃𝐫. 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞 𝐅𝐨𝐰𝐥𝐞𝐬 incorporates holistic alternatives for her family and patients.  She talks about her love for what she does as a professional and a mom of two amazing children and a firefighter husband.  She comes to this series with a huge heart. 


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