S1 E1

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 1:      What is a Girl Powerhouse?  Host Tiffany Parra is joined by Business Owners, Jameela Adams and Lakish Muscenti to share their journey to stepping into their Girl Powerhouse greatness.  

S1 E2

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 2:   The Author of Authors; Latasha Jimerson will help you birth that story you’ve always wanted and teach you how to monetize with it in days.

S1 E3

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 3:   Heart of a Warrior – Meet Pele Hunkin; Retired Army SFC, Best Selling Author, Mother, and Motivational Speaker.

S1 E4

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 4:  Dr Carrie Baker. This Girl Powerhouse has held a high-level position in the military and even though retired she still serves our country in other areas of the government.

S1 E5

Girl Powerhouse Season 1  5 Episode.  DeVika Lyles M. Ed.; Sexologist & Founder of The Center for Transformative Sexology where they are committed to blending Transformative Learning with Educational Sexology to cause SHIFT in how we communicate about sex, sexuality, and intimacy.

S1 E6

Girl Powerhouse Season 1. EPISODE 6 Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 6: Terry J Walker; MUPO TV Host of the I AM Power Hour, CEO Inspire and Motivate LLC, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author & creator of the Bridging the Gap Training Program.

S1 E7

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 7: Sherri Braxton; Business Owner – SherriFitness and Texas Kidney Foundation (TKF) Wellness Fitness Partner. Sherri is committed to helping her community thrive by fostering healthy eating habits and a positive mindset about movement at any age.

S1 E8

Girl Powerhouse Season 1  8 Episode.  Jacqueline Lulu Brown Master life Strategist/ Consultant/ICF Certified Coach

S1 E9

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 9 Girl Powerhouse. Girl Powerhouse Episode 9 – w/ Guest Dee Hoch Founder & Managing Director; Ignite Purpose USA


S1 E10

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 10- w/ Guest Keila Brintley Founder & Co-Host of All The Way There Podcast


S1 E11

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Girl Powerhouse with Special Guest Carrie Irene Crosby

S1 E12

Girl Powerhouse Girl Powerhouse Episode 11 with Guest Claire Jefferon-Glibi


S1 E13

Girl Powerhouse Season 1 Episode 13- w/ Guest  Author Dani  Editied 5-28-24.mp4

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