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June 2020

MupoTV had a chance to speak with the Kim Le, the healer based out of San Franciso, CA.

Through coaching, self-care and relationship-building services, Kim Le helps you align your consciousness with your intuitive leadership and intention.

This is a follow-up interview with Kim Le after her VIDEO INTERVIEW with MupoTV on May 29, 2020.

For almost 30 years, you’ve been helping people transform their lives and gain a path of freedom, love, peace, joy, and purpose. People who come to you are in different stages of their lives. How do you know what areas to focus on in different people?

People come to me with different stages of their lives with a specific problem they want to work on, with relationships, their business or parenting. They tell me what problem to work on.

Doesn’t matter what issues. When I help them to heal their heart and to love themselves and know that they are enough. Everything else changes.

You’re based out of San Francisco, CA. Why did you choose San Francisco?

I had relatives who lived in San Francisco, and they sponsored us from the refugee camp in Indonesia. I originally come from Vietnam. I was one of the boat people.

Before COVID-19, you held retreats in different locations. What happens at your retreats? Do you plan to have more retreats once we are past the pandemic?

I hosted a retreat in San Francisco and Mexico. I helped my students to heal their hearts and transform their lives from fear to love. Yes, I will plan to have more retreats after the pandemic.

Has COVID-19 cause anxiety or other pain to your clients? How can you help during this time of uncertainty in the world?

Yes, I help them to be present to return to oneness with mind, body, and spirit and focus on their inner being, inner reality. Peace and true happiness come from within.

People tend to stick to patterns that may restrict them from doing things to enrich their lives. How does one strive to reduce patterns?

In order to heal, they need to truly want to change, and give up their old identity. I will help them with energy clearing through a sound healing meditation and then we will look to find the origin of the problems from childhood and let it go. They will create new, positive habits.

There are many different levels of FEAR. What are the most common fears you’ve encountered in people you help heal?

The most common fears: poverty, ill health, not being loved, failure, success and dying.

If someone knows the cause of their suffering, how can they break past the suffering to enter the next stage of their life?

When someone knows the cause of their suffering he/she will be able to make new choices that make them feel loved, respect, and appreciation. They must let go of the victim’s identity and take full responsibility for their well being and success.

Have you encountered any disbelievers who think what you do is full of bologna? How do you respond to disbelievers?

Yes, I have. I had a client who is a scientist. When I gave her an experience of aligning her inner and outer reality with meditation to focus shifting from thinking to feeling, she felt the shift right away. Feel lighter and happier — then she became a believer that she can change her life for better.

What is your interpretation of the word “Divine”?

The word Divine to me means a creator that some call God, Universe, Source that’s always blessing us for all that we want to experience. He/she only has love to share with us.

What are the benefits of someone seeking your help?

The benefits are healing their heart from betrayal. Having more love, peace, joy in their heart for no reason. They are no longer looking outside for validation and love. Having more confidence and thriving in all areas of life in relationships and in business/career.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I want to share that our heart is a powerful engine for good health, well being and success.

We must have a lot of energy for good health and creation. I call it our energy currency –  it must be high so we can spend it joyously. Just like money, we have more than we need. We feel happy that we can share and contribute to a worthy cause.

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